A downloadable game for Windows

Fight waves of spooky ghouls ..How long will you last?!

#### You can also play the WEB VERSION here #####

Made as a part of 7DFPS

If you enjoyed playing this game give me a shout on my twitter:


wasd - move
q e - switch weapon to turret
r - reload
"Space" - jump/bhop
"Left click" to shoot
"Right click" to fire grenade
"Escape" for pause menu

Thank you for playing! it was fun making this :

Extra credit:

Main title music "The Asylum" by Sara Afonso
You can find her here http://www.saraafonso.com . (she does awesome music!)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJames Dornan
TagsHorror, lone-survivor, Low-poly, Singleplayer, Survival Horror

Install instructions

unzip and run the exe


dead_ghouls.zip 51 MB
dead_ghouls_linux.zip 68 MB
dead_ghouls_mac.zip 54 MB


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Really Fun but it definetely needs tweaking


the input mapping doesn't work, so there isn't a way of customizing the inputs.

which is frustrating.

Sorry you feel frustrated about the lack of customizing inputs, there was a lot going on in the 7 days making this and it wasn't a priority 

It's okay. I hope you can develop this game further,  it's really fun! :D


fantastic, deliciously tasty game.

Watch 7DFPS jam 2018 | dead ghouls from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv


Great art, music, and gameplay, truly how a 7DFPS game should feel.

Dead Ghouls - CRAZY

Thanks so much to the developer for allowing me to play this. Awesome fun and heart STOPPING !

Is the rest of the music available somewhere?

Deleted 276 days ago